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How to Choose a Quality Roofing Contractor

How to Choose a Quality Roofing Contractor 
Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home, which is often your most expensive investment. What is on top of your house will protect you from storms, winds, and even hail. Over time damage can occur to your roof, but it’s important to keep it in good repair to avoid leaks, missing shingles, or tiles, and the growth of mold. When you look for a quality roofing contractor remember to follow these tips.

1. Ask for Referrals — Friends and family are often your best bet when seeking a roofing contractor. They can tell you who they’ve used, who friends have used, and hopefully get you steered in the right direction to hiring a reputable contractor.

2. Verify Them — You want to make sure their name, address, telephone number and all references that were given to you match the roofing contractor’s statements.

3. Check References — Ensure that the references are within your state if not your county to ensure that they are actually licensed and certified to work in your state. References from out of state should be a warning sign to you.

4. Ensure they are Insured & Bonded — Double check with the authorities that your roofer has insurance and is bonded. This will protect you from accidents and problems along the way.

5. Collect at Least Three Bids — Makes sure you get at least three written bids from three different roofing contractors so that you can be sure you’re getting not only the best deal but the most defined contract and work list that you can.

6. Check with Your Insurance Company — If this is a repair due to storm damage or another act of God be sure to call your insurance company first to make sure you have all the right certifications so that your insurance company will pay their part.

7. Caution: Say No To Door to Door Sales People — This happens after a bad weather event where unscrupulous people will go door to door soliciting work to repair damage. They’re not supposed to do that and they’re likely not licensed, insured, certified or bonded. Just say no to this type of solicitation.

8. Never Pay Cash — Any contractor who asks for cash is probably a scammer. Don’t ever pay for any contracting work with cash. If you pay cash you really have no proof of payment, no recourse if they don’t finish the work, and frankly if they don’t have a business account, there is trouble head. It’s really best to pay with credit if you can as credit cards give you a little bit of extra protection if the company does not do a good job.

9. Pay on a Schedule — You do not usually need to pay a roofing contractor before the work is done. If they want payment up front question this and choose someone else. Usually they get the materials on site first before your first payment is due, then you’ll pay as percentages of work is completed with the last payment due after you’re satisfied with the work.

Finally, make sure your roofer is established in your area and has a record of good service to your community. A quality roofer will know what type of roofing system is best for the area in which you live. Remember, codes may have changed since you first built your house and had the roof installed. There may be different materials now, or different code requirements. A quality local roofer will know what’s best for you in your situation.