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Tips for Working with Roofing Professionals

Tips for Working with Roofing Professionals
When you’ve chosen to work with a roofing professional there are likely many questions that you want to ask them. They are expecting you to ask questions and will be happy to answer your questions before they get started with your roofing project. Assuming you’ve already done your due diligence before hiring the roofing professional some questions you might ask them before they get started are below.

What type of roofing choices do I have for my house?
Depending on where you live, due to the type of weather you have, an experienced roofer will know the best materials that will last the longest in your area. You want to select a roofing material that is not only approved by your state and meets building codes, but that looks attractive and lasts as long as possible.

How long will it take for you to replace my roof?
The roofing contractor can give you a written schedule of when each event may happen, assuming you have good weather. Remember that roofing is subject to being delayed due to poor weather conditions that can be unexpected. An experienced roofer knows how to protect your home in the event of inclimate weather.

How do you want to be paid?
Hopefully, the roofing professional will want to be paid in increments after the job has started, with the last payment due after the roof is completed and you are satisfied. Some roofers will try to get some form of payment or a deposit up front, but it really is recommended that you pay nothing until materials are at least delivered. Then pay on a schedule as percentages are completed with the last payment only due after you’re satisfied the roofing contract has been completed to your satisfaction.

Get a Detailed Contract
Before working with any type of contractor, including a roofing contractor ensure that you have a very detailed working contract. The contract should list all the materials in an itemized fashion, as well as the people who will actually perform the work and their experience. Some roofing contractors hire day laborers who don’t know what they’re doing. You want to be sure that the people who are actually doing the work are experienced, licensed, certified and bonded.

Choose a Family Spokes Person
It can be very confusing for contractors if they are dealing with more than one family member about what is being done. Choose just one person in the family who will communicate with the contractors when there are issues. It could be either the husband or the wife or another adult. It must be someone who is going to be available during the day to communicate with the contractors.

If you’ve done your homework and checked out the contractor you’ve chosen, they’re established, local, and experienced you should not have many problems with your roofing contractor. The work should go smoothly and if any problems arise you should be able to deal with them professional and easily by going back to the contract.