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How to Prepare Before You Hire a Roofing Contractor

If you have a reason to hire a roofer, be sure you know what that is before beginning your search. Do you want the entire roof replaced, just some leaks addressed, or are you phoning about storm damage?

Define the Project

Examine the list of materials you’ll need for your project to get a comprehensive list of all supplies required, the sort of roofing you want to utilize, and if it’s a full replacement or leaks must be fixed. Even if it’s a replacement and there are leaks, make sure to mention them so that you can be certain that they are properly addressed.

Call Your Insurance Agent

If your roof is damaged as a result of natural or man-made catastrophes, you must first file a claim with your insurance provider. They will almost certainly provide a list of acceptable contractors and dispatch someone to assess your situation and give you an estimation on what they will pay to repair it and what your deductible is. They’ll generally have more than one contractor to select from if they do. If they do, follow all of the procedures listed above before making a decision about which contractor to employ.

Ask Your Friends & Family For Referrals

If you do not have access to an insurance claim, ask your family and friends for recommendations. The majority of the time, a family or friend will have had roofing work done, which they can direct you to. They’ll know whether or not they were happy with the job’s quality. They can also tell you whether they were completed on time and within the allotted budget. This may provide you with a good selection of specialists to call.

Check The Facts

Doing your research on potential roofing contractors is crucial before hiring anyone. Make sure to check that they have all the updated licenses, certifications, and insurance needed for their job. You can find this information easily enough on most contractor websites, or by giving them a call and asking for license numbers, etc.

Invite Contractors to Bid

Once you’ve reduced your options, you may invite two or three contractors to bid on your job. Tell them that you want a thorough bid with details of what is and isn’t covered in the bid. You also need a timetable of events for the bid so that you can understand how long this will take and how to get ready.

Evaluate the Bids

Once you have looked through all of the bids, choose your top two. You should not just pick the cheapest option; consider which bid covers the most work and comes with the best timeline, detail, and professionalism. Then, you can move on to interviewing those candidates.

Interview the Winning Bids

Now that you’ve received bids back from roofers, it’s imperative to set up interviews with each one. This is the time to ask more in-depth questions about their company, like whether they use temporary laborers and if those employees are insured. Find out how often their roofs are similar to yours – this experience is key. Lastly, be sure clear about your timeline for repair or replacement so there aren’t any misunderstandings down the road. By taking these extra steps now, you can ensure a smooth process later on.

To begin, click the “Choose a winner” button. Choose the best candidate to start your roofing job. Check all references and make sure their licenses and insurance are up to date. You’ll have a positive experience with your roofing project if you’ve done your homework properly.

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