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It’s Not Enough to Shake Hands

There is much more than just money on the line when you hire someone else to work on your house. You need to be fully certain that you will be able to produce the best job and results. This entails upholding a strict level of professionalism, which calls for acting in a certain way.

Get it written

You should have a formal contract between you and your selected contractor, just like with any other business transaction. Without a contract, nothing is legitimate. Even while a court of law might accept your word on a handshake, they’ll typically rely on the contract.

Your contract should include a thorough description of all the tasks to be completed, the anticipated completion date, and the payment schedule. Make sure you cover everything to ensure your protection and the contractor’s protection. Your ability to guarantee the highest caliber of work will increase with the level of detail in your contract.

Updates Can Be Made: You can amend the contract as you go if adjustments are necessary due to budgeting or time constraints. If anything is not specifically stated in your contract, it is not a good idea to expect it to be done in that manner or to leave anything to chance. But be mindful that modifications can cost you money.

Conduct research.

Do your research to ensure you are hiring the best and most respected professional before engaging any contractor.

Likable Doesn’t Always Mean Good: It’s not a good idea to base your decision just on how nice you found the contractor to be. When it comes to your project, you require additional assurance. Call the contractor’s references and ask any questions you may have about their work, conduct, and timeliness.

Check Everything: If at all possible, go see previous work in person as images aren’t usually the best judges of quality work. Anyone you intend to recruit should have a comprehensive background check, and you should always double-check their license and insurance details.

Do not employ friends

When it comes to your building and home renovation projects, it could be difficult to refuse your friends, but it might be better for your friendship if you don’t.

You’re in Charge: If you hire your friend, it could be difficult to maintain the most professional connection imaginable. Your friendship may become unbalanced if your friend starts working for you.

Keep It Comfortable: In addition, you might not feel comfortable treating your friend like a person you have hired to perform work for you, which could have an impact on the caliber of the work performed. If you did insist on proper conduct, it might later harm your relationship. So, no matter how you look at it, it is truly better to avoid hiring your buddies.

The phrase “handshakes are not enough” refers to the importance of acting professionally in order to get the finest results possible from your building or home improvement project. You may ensure a more successful project by approaching it like the commercial transaction that it is and acting appropriately.

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