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Roofing maintenance checklist (what the professional will do)

One of the first things a professional will do when you hire them to maintain your roof is an inspection. All of the following will be on their radar. Feel free to mention any of this that you are already aware of.

  • Are any shingles damaged or lacking?
  • Have the shingles bowed?
  • Is there a missing or broken roof coping?
  • Does the roof have any areas where water is collecting?
  • Are there obvious indications that the repairs were made improperly?
  • Is the fascia rotten or moldy?
  • Does the residence exhibit indications of water damage?
  • Do any of the inside skylights have leaks around them?
  • Is the seal surrounding the skylight in good condition?
  • Do the gutters need cleaning or repair?
  • Do the trees touch the roof too closely?
  • Does the roof have any debris?
  • Does the roof exhibit any signs of fungus, algae, or mold growth?

Your roof inspector will typically have a clipboard with them to record any issues they detect with the roof. Following their inspection, they will usually give you a detailed report along with a quote for the cost to have it replaced or repaired, as well as their assessment of whether a complete replacement or a repair is necessary and why.


You and your expert roofer will talk about what can be done and what has to be done. You can typically trust a skilled roofing contractor to know what is best if you’ve done your research and checked them out in advance. You can always ask another contractor for their opinion if you’re hesitant.


If you had a new roof done, be sure to inquire about yearly inspections to keep the roof in good working order. Some roofing companies offer automatic yearly inspections of each roof they’ve constructed. This might occasionally be a very minor thing to pay to guarantee that the roof is always in good condition. Even some of the necessary repairs can be covered by their guarantee.


Make sure you have your warranty information on hand and understand what is and is not covered by the guarantee. In the event that storm-related damage occurred, it’s crucial to contact your insurance company very away. Some roofers do post-storm inspections right away, but you should probably call your insurance company to make sure that is covered and to find out who they recommend.

No matter how long your roof is guaranteed to last (15 or 30 years), if you live in a location that experiences frequent inclement weather, including rain, storms, and snow, you may need repairs more frequently. Knowing what can harm your roof and having a plan in place to keep it in excellent condition are both crucial. Whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor to evaluate and suggest fixes once a year. Your roof is an essential component of your house, and it needs to be treated as such.

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